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‘Self-denial has never been so sexy – a young woman embarks on a year of chastity and rediscovers the power of romance.

chastened-new5Turning on its head the maxim that declares romance dead, journalist Hephzibah Anderson has thrown herself headfirst into finding love in an age obsessed with sex.

Chastened is the story of her personal quest to stay chaste for a year, fusing a candid and pithy month-by-month account of her personal challenge with an exploration of what sex means today. In a welcome antidote to the pole-dancing hen night – but without the hair shirt – Anderson elegantly unpicks our attitudes to intimacy; and reconnects with the much underrated roles of courtship and intimate friendship in our lives.’

The book is due to be published by Chatto & Windus in July 2009. Until then, welcome to the blog.

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