She’s old-fashioned

Topping my tower of must-reads just now is Sarah Dunn’s endearing new novel, Secrets to Happiness (Little, Brown, $23.99).

The story of a thirtyish screenwriter and novelist named Holly Frick, it flits around Manhattan, charting her somewhat disjointed romantic and artistic (mis)adventures. Secrets

Before you get the wrong idea, know that Holly abhors the term ‘chick lit.’

There is unexpected depth to the book’s comic appeal. As Jincy Willett pointed out in her New York Times review, ‘In a world — fictional and non- — where doing a good thing gets you accused of having a messiah complex, and doing whatever you want is justified as following your path, Holly never stops trying to figure out where her duty lies.

‘Underneath it all — the sex, the shopping, the city — she’s an old-fashioned heroine.’

Let’s hear it for Holly and her old-fashioned sisters!


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