“It’s about chastity,” she blushed

It was when I first began telling people about my book that I rediscovered the ability to blush.

ChastenedIn our sex-saturated age, chastity can feel like the last titillating taboo. Accordingly, I’ve lately experienced the full spectrum of blushes, from delicate rose to shaming puce.

Of course, there’s nothing like blushing to make you blush even more. It’s a form of communication that can seem peculiarly direct – oddly personal, even – to those of us who do an increasing portion of our socialising online, screened from one another by our screens, never mind our screen names and privacy preferences.

It’s not surprising, then, that psychologists have found that blushing helps strengthen social bonds. If nothing else, it’s a sign that the blusher cares. The New York Times carries a colourful report on the latest research here.


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