P.S. Latest coverage…

Hot off the press, this just in from this morning’s Daily Mail

Great to see that they’ve picked up on all the positive aspects.

photographer: Paul WebbFavourite comment so far from the message boards, a woman named Kathy who quotes advice doled out by her granny in 1971: ‘Be the one they practise FOR, not the one they practise ON.’

Also, respect to the reader calling herself ‘Marie Claire’ from Brussels, who’s been chaste for eight years and counting. Or rather, not counting, since she sounds far too busy and contented.



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4 responses to “P.S. Latest coverage…

  1. Reema

    Loved the excerpt of ‘Chastened’ that I read in the Daily Mail.
    Hats off to you for taking control of the uncontrollable!

  2. Emily

    The extract really hit a chord with me, mainly because recently I’ve come to realise that waiting for really good sex is better than having lots of bad or average sex. And for me, really good sex has to be with someone I really like and have a connection with, which is not always easy to find. This inspired me to wait to find someone I really like instead of having a lot of pointless, mediocre one-night stands.

    • hephzibahanderson

      I was so happy to read your comment. You’re right! And I think there are lots of people out there (men as well as women) who’ve reached similar conclusions, but are shy about coming out and saying so because it seems such an unfashionable decision to have made. Hopefully the book will help change this by getting people talking and thinking – and romancing again.

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