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‘Hot English Chastity’

So autumn is on its way and it’s time for me to be getting back to this woefully neglected blog.

I’ve been tweeting plenty, but in the spirit of new terms and clean slates (can you smell those freshly sharpened pencils?), I’m hoping to begin posting at least weekly.

For now, I just had to share a quote that I stumbled upon while catching up with the papers. It’s from Jane Campion’s recent interview with Ella Taylor of the New York Times. They were chatting about Campion’s latest film, Bright Star – her first in six years – which tells the story of Keats’ chaste love affair with the seamstress Fanny Brawne.

Yes, that’s chaste love from the same director who had Harvey Keitel and Holly Hunter strip down for those scorching sex scenes in The Piano. But as she puts it:

You know, sex is actually not so original as the way people love or the stories behind each relationship, which is what you remember. Sex is sex in the end.

p.s. This same movie has also given rise to my favourite headline in a while: ‘Keats and His Beloved in an Ode to Hot English Chastity.’ Bring it on!

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